Frys With That French Fries Hot Dogs Soda Ice Tea

the begining...

It started 15 years ago, when walking the boardwalks of the east coast beaches in Ocean City Maryland and Rehoboth Delaware. Don't get me wrong the competitions fries are good, but they are limp, and limp somehow never seems to work well when it comes to certain things in life and fresh cut french fries is one of them. So after years of contemplation and experimenting it manifested into this grand plan. To create the finest fresh cut french fries this world has ever tasted, end of story. And with nothing but a bag of potato's and this dream, we've started this whole gig from scratch to bring you the best french fresh cut fries on the planet ! oh ya there's more.

Our " THAT BURGER "  smothered in our famous secret sauce, drop by and see what thinking out side of the box ground beef style means, then we have our killer homemade chile dog sauce, i am sure you will agree it is one of the best if not THE BEST you have ever had.

Our secret ? It's not one but many, The best ingredients is a big part, an unrelenting love for food, and some killer top secret family recipes all combined to give you that " oh my god " i am getting out and get some more feeling of how  food should always taste.

We definitely have our competition beat by a long shot so don't hesitate because,

Frys with that , Is where its at ~

when it comes to the finest french fries period.

Turns out we also like people, We're not making these delicious products just for us, but to share them with you, your family and friends.

So drop by soon and get some great food made with real love in every bite.